Just saying thanks

Just wanted to say thanks for checking The Secret of The Temple out. Yes I know it's a mess of a game, but it's a mess I had confidence in. The brevity is intentional considering the limits of Bitsy as well as it just being a test of sorts.

Also to those confused about the Minecrap joke, it's taken from an old video Mike Matei (of AVGN & Cinemassacre fame) made for April Fool's day 2011. The video was of him and a poorly animated Inspector Gadget (the titular character of the 1980's cartoon) discussing the then-new Minecraft Pocket Edition for the iPad. The video recently became popular again after it was brought up by animator OneyNG on an episode of his let's play channel OneyPlays.

Long story short, recent funny meme, had to include it for some stupid reason.

That and there's the stairs joke which doesn't need explaining since everyone knows what that is.


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Aug 25, 2017

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